Health Systems Direct Exclusive Culinary Cooking 4 You Show & Healthy Living Show FAQs

This page was published to answer some of the most common questions people have about the Health Systems Direct Exclusive  Culinary Cooking 4 You & Healthy Living Show and the gift packages we offer for those who attend.

Q- How did you get my name/information or where did I sign up with HSD for information for a gift package?
A– Health Systems Direct and our product partners participate in thousands of bridal shows, women’s expos, home shows, fairs and festival across the country each year. We also work with many bridal shops, the Cooking Channel, Food & Wine Magazine, wedding and cooking websites, associations and other publications.

If you’re a bride or an attendee of one of the show’s we may have participated in, you may have signed up to receive our gift package and receive information about how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Or you, a friend  or a relative may have signed up on line, bridal shop, bridal magazine to receive information. If we call you with an invite to the Health Systems Direct Exclusive Culinary Cooking 4 You Show & Healthy Living Show and if you aren’t interested in attending or participating we will make note of it and not contact you again.

Q- How can Health Systems Direct afford to give away these promotional/advertising gifts with no purchase required?
A- Like every large company, Health Systems Direct has a marketing and advertising budget. We have found that the most effective way to advertise and showcase our product line and gain new customers is through a live Health Systems Direct Cooking exclusive culinary  cooking 4 you & healthy living Show. Instead of spending millions of dollars on TV, radio and print advertising to introduce you to Health Systems Direct, we have taken our advertising budget and partnered with multiple travel and promotional companies so that we can offer a number of fantastic gifts to people just for attending our shows.

If you have received an offer for promotional gifts please remember that this is where we have invested advertising dollars therefore this is how we can afford to give away so much just for attending the Health Systems Direct Exclusive culinary Cooking 4 you & healthy living Show. Even if you choose not to purchase anything from us, the gifts are yours just for attending the  Show.

Q- Did I really win and are ALL of the gifts totally free?
A- ABSOLUTELY NOT. – You did not WIN anything. NOT EVERY GIFT IS 100% FREE. This was not a sweepstakes and no drawing took place. At some point somewhere you or someone that you know requested information about Health Systems Direct, our products, our Exclusive Culinary Cooking 4 You & healthy living  show or registered to receive a gift package.
If your offer included advertising gifts see details that follow.


3 Day & 2 Night Hotel & Airfare You will receive round-trip airfare tickets for two adults plus two nights of hotel accommodations in the city of your choice, among 23 participating cities. Flights depart from a participating Major International Airport located within the Continental United States. Currently our 23 destination cities include: Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Atlantic City (flying into Philadelphia, PA),Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington DC, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Nashville. This certificate is good for U.S. residents only.

You will be required to pay a $50 processing fee to activate, then hotel taxes, airline taxes, transfer fees.

Mexico Vacation– You will receive up to 6 nights of Luxurious Beach Resort Accommodations in the city of their choice of Mazatlan, Acapulco, Puerto Penasco, Cancun and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This offer is good seven days a week and only requires a 30-day advance notice to book. No timeshares or sales presentations. Guaranteed!

You will be required to pay a processing fee of $19.95 to activate plus the room rate taxes and resort fees


$300 Worth in Restaurant Gift Certificates– This incentive offers you to a $25 Restaurant Gift Certificate every month for the next 12 months for a grand total of $300 worth of Restaurant Gift Certificates that can be activated at any of our thousands of participating restaurants nationwide. In addition you will also have access to an unlimited amount of the latest and greatest fast food and restaurant coupons that you can use to receive discounts at your favorite food spots. You will be required to pay a $29.95 processing fee to activate. Go to www.FunDiningRewards.com to view a list of our participating restaurants.

Q- How long will the exclusive culinary cooking 4 show & healthy living show last?
A- The Health Systems Direct Cooking Show is scheduled to last about an hour but may last up to 90 minutes depending on who the host is and crowd participation.

Q- Do I have to buy anything?
A– NO, if at the end of the show you have any questions about our products, specials, gift registry or placing an order with us, our cooking show staff is there to help you out and answer your questions. If at the end of the show you choose not to become a customer and have no questions you will receive your gift package with no pressure to purchase anything.

We are thankful to you just for attending the show!